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Chattanooga Valley Landscape is a premier full service landscaping company based in Chattanooga,Tn. Our services include landscape design, creation, maintenance and enhancements. We also provide repairs of irrigation and New Landscape construction.


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We have provided both commercial and residential property owners in Chattanooga with the highest quality landscaping services as both an installation and design service company, we provide assistance every step of the process, until your landscape dreams become reality.


When it comes to designing and install unique landscape, you need an experienced professional that you can trust. What’s separates us from other companies is our drive to be the best. We are a full service landscape design and installation company. Being a full service landscape company means we can offer you solutions that other companies may not have. 



Being a Industry expert in Retaniang walls, Chattanooga Valley Landscape can virtually Construct even the toughest walls that most companies will not attempt. Our walls are built to with-stand the toughest conditions to help level all slopes, Banks and Hill sides.


Landscape walls will add a new element of depth to your project.  Landscape walls can be installed as simple elevated planter boxes or they can serve to retain a mass of soil which adds to the functionality of your yard.  These walls can incorporate tiers, steps, seat walls, or an elevated patio


Chattanooga Valley Landscape is the forefront of Interlock Paver. Having Installed thousands of pavers From multiple brands, we can install any paver of your choice from color to style.We believe that as people become aware of the superiority of interlocking pavement systems and as we continue to earn our customer's approval by our craftsmanship, Our Paver Installations will continue to be a dynamic leader in the industry. As such our knowledge of the industry allows us to provide excellence in service and warranties longer than most contractors will provide.


Moreover, our systems for the mobilization and scheduling of equipment, materials and subcontractors are highly efficient, thus ensuring smooth transitions through every phase of the assignment-from concept to completion. Lastly, we implement the highest levels of safety, flexibility and accountability during every facet of the project.


Our landscape is the company’s image presented to the public every day - welcoming visitors, clients, tenants and employees. The Landscape Company’s highly respected professionals will enhance the beauty of your grounds with innovative landscapes.


From design to installation and maintenance, we have a track record of completing projects on time, on budget, and ahead of schedule. Experienced, uniformed maintenance teams set the standard each day in planting, weed control, pruning, irrigation management, maintenance and repair, soil analysis and fertilization.